Mulberry Masterpiece

One of the most unique, colourful and user-friendly apps in the fashion world - the Mulberry mobile shopping app. Mulberry is an English designer brand, specialising in gorgeous leather accessories. I am a huge fan of the brand, currently waiting in line for the Polly Pushlock in midnight blue, so I though a review of this app was well overdue.

The menu screen is a refreshing and individual design, the navigation buttons laid out as a collage of colourful shapes, easy to use and self-explanatory. The colours illustrate the fun and playful aspect of the brand, with a professionalism that represents their designer status. One of the most distinguished aspects of this app is its transaction ability. The user is able to shop all of the collection and buy any product directly from the app, creating another purchasing channel for the brand. By choosing the 'Shop' tag, the user enters the collection area. 

The categories are listed vertically with an example of the latest collection piece within each category used to demonstrate its contents. The user can click through and view a double list of the category's products. 

Upon choosing a product, the user is taken to its product page. Each product page uses image interactivity technology to offer a few alternative views for the consumer. Each product has a front, back, inside and modelled view when the user swipes horizontally. 

The user is able to view an information page, listing the products materials, size, details and features. As far as app information goes, this app offers in-depth product information, most probably due to the pricing of the products from the brand and the necessity of product information to expensive purchases. The further styles and suggestions offered are also a nice touch. 

Furthermore, the user can choose to share a product via email or on their Facebook page, adding a social aspect to the designer app. 

Other features that the app includes can be accessed via the main menu. One feature, the 'Lookbook,' allows the user to flick through a catalogue lookbook of their collection show. Each image shows a Mulberry model wearing the latest Mulberry garments, accessorised by Mulberry shoes and leather handbags. Next to each image, the user is given the option of shopping the look, allowing them to buy the garments and accessories demonstrated in the images. It is a really useful and interactive feature, enabling shopping straight from a desired image.

'This Season' is a feature that enables the user to view the latest Mulberry videos, from events, shows and parties. The videos open within the app so the user doesn't need to navigate out of the app to view footage.

The final feature that the app includes is the Mulberry blog. It has the same structure as the online blog, and is integrated into the app as such. Although the blog is beautifully designed and easy to navigate, using a full blog structure within a mobile format is a questionable decision. A variety of fashion apps have chosen to minimise their blog posts into bite-size chunks; just enough information to read on a mobile screen. Having to zoom in and out of a full size blog to make sure your finger is selecting the correct links is annoying to say the least, so these new, miniature blog feeds are an intuitive way of counteracting this problem. However, although Mulberry have chosen to keep their blog the same size online as mobile, I still find myself scrolling through the latest posts and reading what has been happening recently. I guess it would take more to put me off.

Overall, the app is so bright and colourful, it is hard to use this app and not be taken by it. Each navigation key is so simplistic that even someone who is not app or iPhone literate could navigate it without attention. My only bug-bear with this app is the fact that in about six months, they have not updated their video content, yet perhaps they have not had any events to upload.

Nevertheless, the app still gets a 4.5 stars, just for its individuality and originality.

All images screenshot from the Mulberry app

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