Oh Pull & Bear, what have you done?!

I have reviewed the Pull & Bear app previously here... and I awarded it a 4 out of 5 stars for design and functionality. Although it lacked in the fact that it did not enable transactions, it made up for it in imagination and excitement. However, I regret to report that after the app was pulled from the App store in late 2011, the newly released app is hugely dissatisfying. When I saw that the app had been removed I wondered whether the brand had decided not to continue with a mobile strategy, because perhaps it was not worthwhile to their brand. Yet when I saw that they had a new app for download in February 2012, I gasped with delight at the idea that they had designed an app that was even better than their first. However when I downloaded their recent effort, I couldn't help but frown in disbelief.

The main menu has three sections whereas their last had four. This time there is no choice to view campaign imagery, but instead to view videos. Fair enough, but the layout has left much to be desired. What is that ugly black gap below videos? Where has the beautiful image gone from the last opening screen?

The product category menu - why are all of the images pixelated and bad quality? The design looks cheaper and less thought out. Just a generic offering. The previous app was sleek, beautiful and elegant. This just doesn't do it for me. 

Now, you may have noticed by now after reading my previous post about their Inditex counterpart Zara, that the design for this is exactly the same. I realise that you are part of the same company guys, but come on, lets have some sort of imagination now? The product viewing is laid out exactly the same with black borders and rows of three images. It is clear enough but again somewhat dull. 

The individual products, again, where is the information? Do you expect consumers to buy fashion garments without information? This again is exactly the same as the Zara app so if you want to see more of an opinion, please do read my Zara review. Otherwise, lets move on. 

This is the videos section. Or perhaps I should say Video section, due to the fact that there is one video to take my fancy, yet 'videos' is still for some reason pride of place on the main menu screen. Hmm.

The checkout area. Again just like Zara's. Generic, standard, easy. 

Store guide. Standard.

And once again, just like Zara, the 'Profile' area to look at your orders, and the uninteresting login page that each link takes you to. I cannot help but yawn.

Overall, I am astounded. Pull and Bear used to have a fantastic app that would rival many others in the market. It was sleek, cool and interesting, representing a wild, free and exciting lifestyle that urged you to buy into it as soon as possible. It was filled with beautiful scenic imagery and inspirational photography at every turn and even the navigation keys were built to aid your experience. The only upside to their re-design is their transaction capabilities. Yet, by adding that, they have removed everything that made their previous app special. It is no longer about selling you a fabulous lifestyle, it is about making you purchase, and I'm sorry but I will certainly not be rushing to purchase on this app. If the previous app had been made transactional, it would have been superb. 

Due to the fact that this app mirrors Zara's, I cannot give it any other mark than the one I awarded Zara. It gets a 1.5 out 5 stars, and thats pushing it. As a big fan of their previous app, I am sheerly disappointed and I would urge Pull and Bear to re-think their strategy.

All screenshots taken of the Pull and Bear app, February 2012. 

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