Coast is another app developed by NN4M, alike to Oasis, Warehouse, and every other brand within the Aurora Fashions company. Changing only the colours, imagery and logos to be congruent with the specific brand image, each app is almost identical, and creates a recognisability amongst the Aurora brands. I have already reviewed the Oasis and Warehouse apps, so to find out more about the designs and structures of the Aurora apps, follow their links. However, I will instead review the pages on the Coast app that are alternative to the other brands; otherwise I will be repeating myself every time I write a review of an app by NN4M. 

The coast app has a more elegant and sophisticated feel. Instead of having the image at a low transparency underneath the list of menu items, this app instead breaks the screen vertically in half, to offer a menu and a promotional image. The colours are concurrent with the branding and create quite a high fashion image. The menu buttons at the bottom of the screen are the same as the other apps, offering a settings tab, messages screen and a shopping bag. This app utilises a 'Lookbook' area to show off its latest campaign imagery, otherwise termed as 'Looks' on the Oasis app. 

The product list screen demonstrates the products in horizontal bars, at a much higher width than others - I'm guessing in order to display a larger product image. It is simple and clear to read, yet perhaps a screen customisation tool such as viewing only images in rows might be quite useful also. The product imagery for this app is also really appealing. Professional, sophisticated and glossy, the images portray a feminine and classic brand. I always feel that getting your imagery right is half the battle of retail branding. 

The Lookbook area is again elegant and chic. Recent promotional imagery is placed in rows of three and enlarged on selection. With so many on the screen, the colours and products can be seen as a true collection and add further interest for the user. Pretty is the word I would use to describe this and I'm inspired straight away.

Those are the only elements of differentiation that I was able to notice on reviewing the app. The other elements it utilises are all designed and structured the same as the Oasis and Warehouse apps, and therefore I would rather not repeat myself. All of the apps are brilliant, well designed, easy and convenient for the user but they all lack that little bit extra to get me excited about the brands. For that reason, concurrent with my review marks for the other Aurora brands, I award the apps overall design as a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Screenshots taken of the Coast app, March 2012

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