Dior: Mobile Elegance

A very brief run through of the Dior app features.

Please view the video above for a run-through of the features of the app.

A loading screen opens into the main menu: News, Apps and Store sections.

Each section links with an image so that vertically scrolling the text moves through matching images, as below. 

Each section includes articles, videos or galleries creating a really interactive application. It also adds a lot of detailed information to each collection, range or section of the app. 

For example, the Dior New Nude area allows the user to view articles about the model, the range, the Dior makeup brushes you can use and watch a video.

The video applications open swiftly and move to landscape. The video can be shared, downloaded and paused. 

All of the areas on the app can be shared socially, including facebook, twitter and email, found behind the 'share' button each page, top right. 

The gallery opens the images full screen that can be either scrolled horizontally to move between images, or the user can press the small arrow right key to move from image to image. Each image can also be saved or shared.

The 'Apps' area has a number of applications that allow the user to interact. The feature above allows the user to choose a mascara that will suit their requirements. The user chooses the type of eyelashes they hope to achieve and the app will provide the user with the Dior mascara that they need to use. It makes the user feel that the app is tailor made for them and will increase brand interaction.

Another application allows the user to do the same, this time to choose the perfect Dior foundation type. It works perfectly and offers a number of options. 

A lot of the app is dedicated to Dior makeup and the perfect, professional makeup application. The user is therefore able to view a large selection of make up tutorials as well as the area above where the user chooses the look they desire and the window opens as a video tutorial. Again, an excellent use of video to provide further information for the user.

The user can also then see the Dior products that were used in the video using the 'see the products' button. Again this is an excellent way to sell the products and link from tutorial to products. 

Finally the store locator functions allow the user to find a Dior counter in any country and city in the world. The store then shows its place on a map, with an address and contact number.

Overall, although the app is non-transactional, you can see that a lot of thought and effort has been put into the application. There is information, imagery and video footage for each section and there are more sections than you can count. It is beautifully presented in sleek black with the brand logo positioned top centre at all times. The three main areas allow for a very clear and easy to use application and do not over complicate the users journey. I have never seen so many interactive features in one application also and for that, the app is truly special. Overall, I would like to give the app a 4.5 stars for truly caring about their consumer and creating an informative lookbook channel to be proud of.

All screenshots taken of the Dior App, September 2012. 

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