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As a blogger and a researcher of the online marketplace, I realise the importance of reach when it comes to a businesses marketing messages. So what can I do for you?

Write for us!

I accept sponsored posts and guest blog posts written by those in the relevant field, from blogs and small businesses. All I ask is that the post is relevant to the blogs context. I would also promote the post and the company website via Twitter for further reach.

Web Links

I am able to place graphic links onto the website down the right hand side. Small buttons (160x60), vertical skyscrapers (160x600), or large banner advertisements across the footer of the webpage (728x90). Each link would be ran for a month at a time.


I am open to reviewing applications for retailers if I have not done so already, or reviewing anything else of relevance. Each review will link to the company website and will be promoted via Twitter.

Please get in touch via for more information about how I might be able to help you and your business.


All opinions and views mentioned here are my own (or of the respective writers) and they are mentioned for information and fun purposes only. I am not responsible for any link masking incident you may incur. If any external link took you to a spam page or a webpage with objectionable content, let me know immediately. I will take the link off. I do not claim ownership of any images unless otherwise stated specifically. All of the app logos and screenshots featured on the page belong to their respective owners and Apple iTunes, and have been used within the website for the purpose of the readers understanding of the content and context. The screenshot images are included in relevant posts to better the viewers experience and again belong to their respective owners. I will make sure that all images are credited from their sources. However incase of any discrepancy, please use the contact information above to report the findings. I will immediately take the necessary actions.

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